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A Knock on My Door

Hearing the knock on my door and my dog barking in response, I walked to the door. Who was it?  As I opened the door my neighbor across the street asked me, “did you know that water is rushing out your garage door and on to the street?” I looked toward the street and said,Continue reading “A Knock on My Door”

Frustrated with Friends?

Remember Job’s Friends? There are many types of friends as described in the book of Job.  Our friends can all have good intentions yet somewhere along the way events occur and life happens. What you had enjoyed as friendship changes into something other than what the relationship started out to be. Maybe you are goingContinue reading “Frustrated with Friends?”

Christmas 2021

Merry Christmas 2021 & Happy New Year 2022 Thinking about what Christmas means this year my mind wondered to one of the greatest anointed writers of all time. George Frederick Handel. Anyone who can sit down and in 24 days write a 259-page score of music for the Messiah had to experience a great anointing.Continue reading “Christmas 2021”

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